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Blues Spring Fling

Blues Spring Fling Featured Artist and more .

Friday, April 3, 2015All Blues Mix and Mingle hosted by Levi Simms and Ms...

T.K. Soul

T.K. Soul .

Born Terence Kimble August 26th, 1964, in the southern town of Winnfield...

OB Buchana

OB Buchana .

Born in Mound Bayou, Mississippi, O. B. Buchana spent his childhood in Cl...

Ms. Jody

Ms. Jody .

Ecko Records Recording artist Ms. Jody was born to the late Reverend Joe...

Wendell B

Wendell B .

St. Louis is where the blues travels throughout the city and where the so...

Stony Murphy

Stoney Murphy .

The Artist and vocals behind the soulful melodies and lyrics, is a native...

Vick Allen

Allen Vick .

“The Love of music is the most important reason for being a performer,” s...

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