Friday April 3rd in Ballroom — All Blues Mix and Mingle

hosted by Levi Simms and Ms Mary with Chic the Virgo on the 1’s  and 2’s
Featuring Steve Perry, Lj Echols, Karen Wolfe, and Nathaniel Kimble

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

T.K. Soul, Stony Murphy, OB Buchana, Vic Allen, Wendell B, Ms. Jody, Lomax, J. Red,
and more to be announced.

Blues Spring Fling

Blues Spring Fling Featured Artist and more .

Friday, April 3, 2015All Blues Mix and Mingle hosted by Levi Simms and Ms...

T.K. Soul

T.K. Soul .

Born Terence Kimble August 26th, 1964, in the southern town of Winnfield...

OB Buchana

OB Buchana .

Born in Mound Bayou, Mississippi, O. B. Buchana spent his childhood in Cl...

Ms. Jody

Ms. Jody .

Ecko Records Recording artist Ms. Jody was born to the late Reverend Joe...

Wendell B

Wendell B .

St. Louis is where the blues travels throughout the city and where the so...

Stony Murphy

Stoney Murphy .

The Artist and vocals behind the soulful melodies and lyrics, is a native...

Vick Allen

Allen Vick .

“The Love of music is the most important reason for being a performer,” s...

2015 performers